Friday, January 21, 2011

TaxACT Offers Federal Tax Filers Free E-filing

All taxpayers can now e-file a federal return for free with TaxACT, an online service from 2nd Story Software that files returns to the IRS allowing for refunds in as few as eight days with direct deposit.
Users can choose to be notified when the IRS has processed their returns by e-mail or a text message.  They can also check the status of their returns any time at The IRS will begin notifying e-filers whether their returns are accepted or rejected on Tuesday, January 18.
“We work closely with the IRS to give all taxpayers the fastest and easiest way to prepare their return, e-file and get their biggest guaranteed refund,” said 2nd Story Software chief executive Lance Dunn. “If your return includes itemized deductions, the Tuition and Fees Deduction, the Educator Expense Deduction or a few other forms the IRS won’t process until February, you can still prepare and e-file with TaxACT before then.”
A Deluxe edition is also available for $9.95 online or $12.95 for download, as well as a state tax edition for $14.95.
More information about all products is available at