Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tax Deadline Creeps Closer

They say there are two certain things in life, death and taxes and while there's no avoiding them, the tax season got a little longer this year.
Many of us think of April 15th as tax day, but this year it is April 18th.
April 15th is actually a government holiday this year and with it being the weekend, there's an extension to file federal taxes until Monday.
Many out there in the Northland are taking advantage of the three extra days and some are trying to wrap everything up today.
One in three taxpayers actually waits until April to file their taxes.
There's still plenty of time. If people are thinking that they're just not going to be able to get it together before the 18th, they really need to file something because the penalties for not filing are ten times that of just not paying your balance in full.
For many taxpayers out there, some habits die hard and many find themselves filing the same time each and every year.
In both Wisconsin and Minnesota, the state deadline is also Monday.
New this year with the affordable care act, everyone had to file some sort of 1095.
Many tax professionals have extended their hours over the weekend.