Thursday, March 3, 2016

What are the Best Online Tax Services?

Many people have begun to file their taxes for 2015 to get their returns early and some have already received refunds. However, everyone has until April 15 to file their taxes. So, if you are still waiting to file, you may already have a tax broker in mind or maybe you are looking for a new way to do your taxes. Well, look no further because there are a number of spectacular online tax services available to everyone who has access to the Internet.

Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax is one of the most popular online tax services around and for a good reason. The best reason of them all being Turbo Tax is free for most of its users. However, those who have had to pay because they are in need of an upgrade have all said even paying for the services is worth it. Why? Well, it has been described as a simple and easy way to file your taxes yourself.

Another great thing about Turbo Tax is the program gives everyone some support. Each of us knows how painful it can be to file taxes, however, Turbo Tax provides people with a bit of encouragement and provides notes like, “You’re almost there!” when you are close to being done. Compared to other online tax services, Turbo Tax provides the best support as well as the easiest services around. However, if you don’t think you want to go with Turbo Tax, there are plenty of other online tax services you can benefit from.

H&R Block

H&R Block offers the same things as Turbo Tax, but they charge for state tax filing. However, H&R Block has been voted as having the “Best Customer Support” by H&R Block, unlike Turbo Tax, offers in-office face-to-face assistance for its customers. Its instant chat support and phone support was also readily available and did not have long waits to get a live person on the other end. The design of the website and the company’s other online services are easy to use though and, if you get audited, H&R Block will send a representative to speak on your behalf.

Tax Act

Tax Act is a newer online tax service compared to H&R Block and Turbo Tax. Tax Act is also extremely budget friendly. Of course, Turbo Tax is free and H&R Block only charges for your state tax filing, Tax Act is the best deal of the three. It is comparable to Turbo Tax. The only thing Tax Act doesn’t do is give you periodic congratulations. If you have a more simple filing to get done, Tax Act is likely the cheapest option around. Tax Act also provides its users a PriceLock guarantee. Unlike Turbo Tax, Tax Act will not change its charges when you are halfway done with your taxes.

Other Online Tax Services

If none of these appeal to you, there are still a few online tax services you may want to take a close look at. Other reputable online tax services include eSmart TaxJackson Hewitt Online and TaxSlayer. You can go to any of their websites to find out more about their tax services.