Saturday, September 22, 2012


40 years ago, little did Maureen Rice know when she married Art Dorrington that her three sons would be competing in golf in the Ri-Dor Cup against her three nephews.  Throw in two son-in-laws and the first annual Ri-Dor Cup will be played today at Brighton Dale Links in Kenosha, Wisconsin between the Rice’s and the Dorrington’s – hence the Ri-Dor Cup.

Although the actual Ryder Cup will start on September 27, 60 miles south in Medinah, Illinois between Team USA and Team Europe, the Ri-Dor Cup will be just as competitive.  Golf has been part of the families for years.  They learned the game from their fathers who learned from their fathers. 

The Dorringtons, Dan, Brian, and Michael,  played competitively at Greendale, Wisconsin High School and currently reside in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.   The fourth member of their team, brother-in-law Chris Muench,  is currently the golf coach at Greendale High School and is married to Colleen Dorrington.   The Rices, Kevin, Michael, and Bobby,  played competitively at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee.  The fourth member of their team, Rhett Holland of Wauwatosa, is married to Sara Dorrington and played competitively in college.

27 holes will be played on Saturday in true Ryder Cup format.  They will play Foursomes, Fourballs and Singles matches.  Team uniforms will be worn and trash talking will not be allowed on the course.  They will play for the Cup and the right to brag for the next year or two. 

Future plans are in the works.  Two of the Rices reside in the Chicago area, so it may become a Wisconsin versus Illinois competition in the future. 

Maureen Rice Dorrington lives in Greendale and has 10 grandchildren so the Ri-Dor Cup may go on for many years.