Friday, March 18, 2011

There is an App for Your Tax Refund

Okay smart phone users; they say that there is an App for almost everything.  Whether that is true or not, who knows, but there is a brand new App from the IRS that can allow you to check on your tax refund status and obtain other useful information.  The all new IRS2GO App is a free download that can be found by visiting your phone’s local App store or marketplace.  All this comes from the IRS’s commitment to modernize and help taxpayers to become more engaged in up-to-date tax information.  So what are the benefits of having this new App?  Well, here are a few good reasons to perhaps try it out.

• Refund Status:  Taxpayers can now check on their refund status using the new App with just a few simple pieces of information.  For e-filers information could be available as early as 72 hours after the IRS acknowledges receiving your return.  Paper filers will require some additional processing time, possibly three or four weeks.  Overall it is a great added convenience that can assist you in knowing where your refund is.

• Tax Updates:  The IRS2Go App allows users to enter their email address and automatically receive tax tips and updates on all the latest information that can help with the planning and preparing of taxes.  Some of these topics might include information on free tax planning or help, tax credits, and even changes in the laws as they happen.

• Follow the IRS:  Some may ask who would want to follow the IRS.  But in reality there are many who rely on up to the minute information regarding the tax laws and changes.  The new App allows you to sign up and follow the IRS on Twitter and YouTube, so you can stay in tune with all of these changes that take place.
Of course this is only the first release of this App and the IRS is hinting that more features are likely to come.  But whether you are just looking for your refund information, or trying to keep up on changes in the tax laws.  The IRS2GO App looks to be a useful tool in assisting many.